Euro 2024 trophy [1296x729]
Euro 2024 trophy [1296x729] (Credit: Kristian Skeie - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

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Check out all the fixtures, venues and kick-off times for Euro 2024 including the knockout bracket. 

What is the Euro 2024 format?

The 24 teams were drawn into six groups of four nations.

The group winners and runners-up will advance to the knockout rounds, along with the four best third-placed teams. 

It is then a straight knockout tournament, with extra time and penalties if necessary. There will be a round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and a final. 

The tournament is being hosted by Germany, with matches to be played in the cities of Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.

Fixtures and bracket


Saturday, June 29 Switzerland 2-0 Italy (Berlin) Germany 2-0 Denmark (Dortmund)

Sunday, June 30 England 2-1 (AET) Slovakia (Gelsenkirchen)  Spain 4-1 Georgia (Cologne) 

Monday, July 1  France 1-0 Belgium (Düsseldorf) Portugal 0-0 (AET; pens 3-0) Slovenia (Frankfurt)

Tuesday, July 2  Romania vs. Netherlands (Munich; 6 p.m. local / midday ET) Austria vs. Turkey (Leipzig; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)


Friday, July 5 45 - Spain vs. Germany (Stuttgart; 6 p.m. local / midday ET) 46 - Portugal vs. France (Hamburg; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)

Saturday, July 6 48 - England vs. Switzerland (Düsseldorf; 6 p.m. local / midday ET) 47 - Romania or Netherlands vs. Austria or Turkey (Berlin; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)


Tuesday, July 9 49 - Spain or Germany vs. Portugal or France (Munich; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)

Wednesday, July 10 50 - Winners of Match 47 vs. England or Switzerland (Dortmund; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)


Sunday, July 14 Winners of Match 49 vs. Winners of Match 50 (Berlin; 9 p.m. local / 3 p.m. ET)


Friday, June 14 Group A: Germany 5-1 Scotland (Munich)

Saturday, June 15 Group A: Hungary 1-3 Switzerland (Cologne) Group B: Spain 3-0 Croatia (Berlin) Group B: Italy 2-1 Albania (Dortmund)

Sunday, June 16 Group D: Poland 1-2 Netherlands (Hamburg) Group C: Slovenia 1-1 Denmark (Stuttgart) Group C: Serbia 0-1 England (Gelsenkirchen) 

Monday, June 17 Group E: Romania 3-0 Ukraine (Munich) Group E: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia (Frankfurt) Group D: Austria 0-1 France (Düsseldorf) 

Tuesday, June 18 Group F: Turkey 3-1 Georgia (Dortmund) Group F: Portugal 2-1 Czechia (Leipzig)

Wednesday, June 19 Group B: Croatia 2-2 Albania (Hamburg) Group A: Germany 2-0 Hungary (Stuttgart) Group A: Scotland 1-1 Switzerland (Cologne)

Thursday, June 20 Group C: Slovenia 1-1 Serbia (Munich) Group C: Denmark 1-1 England (Frankfurt) Group B: Spain 1-0 Italy (Gelsenkirchen)

Friday, June 21 Group E: Slovakia 1-2 Ukraine (Düsseldorf) Group D: Poland 1-3 Austria (Berlin) Group D: Netherlands 0-0 France (Leipzig)

Saturday, June 22 Group F: Georgia 1-1 Czechia (Hamburg) Group F: Turkey 0-3 Portugal (Dortmund) Group E: Belgium 2-0 Romania (Cologne)

Sunday, June 23 Group A: Switzerland 1-1 Germany (Frankfurt) Group A: Scotland 0-1 Hungary (Stuttgart)

Monday, June 24 Group B: Albania 0-1 Spain (Düsseldorf) Group B: Croatia 1-1 Italy (Leipzig)

Tuesday, June 25 Group D: France 1-1 Poland (Dortmund) Group D: Netherlands 2-3 Austria (Berlin) Group C: England 0-0 Slovenia (Cologne) Group C: Denmark 0-0 Serbia (Munich)

Wednesday, June 26 Group E: Ukraine 0-0 Belgium (Stuttgart) Group E: Slovakia 1-1 Romania (Frankfurt) Group F: Czechia 1-2 Turkey (Hamburg) Group F: Georgia 2-0 Portugal (Gelsenkirchen)